Imprisonment update + spoiler content (optionally available)


  1. that boring gamer

    Looks awesome I’ll be waiting patently no rush bud

  2. Glad to have ya back brother

  3. Mad respect for you Lord Bung, you literally broke your ass to bring us this masterpiece of a show

  4. im so happy to see you again Bung. I only want you and your team to take your time and stay happy with your future projects. Your videos bring me such joy and every video is true art.

  5. I am so happy that Confinement is not a dead project
    I discovered Confinement a year and a few months ago, I thought it was a dead project, so I thought “yep, it was good while it lasted”

  6. Just wanna say, I’ve followed confinement for a good deal of time and explored your other works. Super Science Friends is one of my favourites on Youtube and would love to see the rest of your future work.

  7. Oh my god! It’s still coming!? YEEEES

  8. This is gonna be awesome. This series is great. And stumbled upon it by accident. Thank God I found this series. Man Im so excited. Keep up the good work and take the time you need Lord Bung


  10. Верю в тебя и жду.

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