im truly struggling at the present

Happy MONDAY I hope you are doing your best and I love u



  1. I love you 🖤 even if you don’t feel loved remember that you are and life always works out for the best

  2. I think you will learn a lot about yourself when you find someone to share your life with. With that said I think you need to feel good before you can attract a healthy partner that does not bring you more down.

  3. I honestly wish I had that much clothes…

  4. I’m glad you exist 💗

  5. Why the fuck am I here?!

  6. I’m really worried about you. Please know you are not stupid and you are not alone. Try and stay with someone because those thoughts can be dangerous and super scary when you’re alone.

  7. me, myself and i

  8. Those DC shoes were cute!

  9. Sometimes I think yt is not for everyone. And LA is not for everybody. Because you have to deal on your own with everything, work, sociallife, lunch, dinner…

  10. Morgan needs a healthy loving companion !! Because this life is so hard alone, I pray this for her🙌🏽🥰💗🙏

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