“I’m Tired Of People Talking SH*T.” Julian Newman Plays His BIGGEST Game Of The Year! Jaden’s FED UP

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Yo Julian and Jamie are NOT HAPPY after losing to LaMelo Ball and Spire. Julian might have outscored Melo, but the youngest Ball came out with the dub. Jaden’s just elated she got a flick with him ?

Julian and Downey gotta get well from that L and win their last game of the tourney. At the present they are 3-1. Can they do it??

Do not forget about Jaden’s team though. They have a game too, and they have been working hard in practice. Well, the players have at least. Jamie ducked out early, so Jaden had to coach her own team.

Later, Julian plays in his first playoff game. It is win or return home, season over. Can Downey Christian pull off the upset??

Watch and figure out!

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  1. The fuck is this reality show shit? And why is it trending?

  2. Rollin Salvador

    This show is cancerous…

  3. if you can’t win a game u r not a good player

  4. I’m *cough cough* over 5’8”

  5. Jeremiah Hasibuan


  6. Why is this even a series? Julian ain’t even making the G-League forget the NBA. His dad tries so hard to be like Lavar?

  7. sailsail sailsail

    Trump wins again

  8. “Iso Game That’s Irrelevant in Todays Nba plus the fact that your 5ft 4 and the avg height in the NBA is like 6ft 8″….Priceless

  9. Why is this shit trending?

  10. Mister Greenjeans

    Newman’s ? Meh .

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