I’m LEAVING the SQUAD for COLLEGE **They Cried😭💔** | Jenna Davis

Hey people it is Jenna Davis! Sit back and watch as I let you know & the Squad the huge news!

#farewell #emotional #jennadavis

– https://www.cameo.com/itsjennadavis


About Jenna Davis
Hey people it is Jenna! I am a 17-year-old actress residing in Los Angeles! You might have seen me on Disney Channel’s Raven’s Home as Sienna (the woman with the insane hair and lovely pug) & on Brat’s Chicken Girls, Netflix’s Treehouse Detectives, & more! On this channel, I want to be able to make your day brighter by constructing content that makes you smirk! Such as, music covers, challenges, hauls, makeup/style, responding videos, and original music! I desired to keep this pretty short and sweet!

In addition, thanks to IEditingX for &ItsFrida for the greenscreens!


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