“I’m Just Too Slick For Him” – Conor McGregor Talks Coaching TUF Against Michael Chandler

Robbie finally gets a real interview with his white whale, Conor McGregor! McGregor sat down with Robbie after the semi-finals of The Ultimate Fighter and talked about how filming the show went, where his respect level for Michael Chandler is at, how he sees that fight going down, his proudest achievements, greatest rivals, and more!


My Mom’s Basement is a weekly podcast hosted by Robbie Fox, began in March 2019, to debate motion pictures, music, comic books, grappling, mixed martial arts, and more with his friends and idols alike!

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  1. 13:12 pause

  2. Used to loathe Conor, don’t like some of the stuff he’s got up to but he’s such a great entertainer, always makes things a lot more interesting, can’t help but love him. It’s going to be great to see him back fighting. Crazy how much his face has changed while his leg recovered.

  3. 14:04 he said it like caucasian kodak

  4. too much promotion talk from McGregor. Hopefully his next interview will not be the same

  5. McGregor no neck

  6. class interview

  7. Zachary Hullender

    This is the interview everyone thought he was on blow during lol. How fucking lost are people my God.

  8. This kid is the exact opposite of Conor.

  9. Pleas have Conor Play in Peaky Blinders Please!!!

  10. I like this interviewer a lot. He asks great questions.

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