I’m Done With Halo Infinite

I am formally done covering Halo Infinite and making video clips on it. Splitscreen co-op might not be a huge deal to some, but to me, these are damaged pledges that have been made 5+ years ago. And I’m done with all the bs.

FYI this was filmed before Bonnie Ross touted she was leaving 343i. Just keep that in mind. Perhaps there is no point in boycotting a game when the pledges I’m upset about were made by folks no longer with the company.

#1 Introduction (Brace For Impact) – 0:00
#2 Reaction to the New Roadmap – 2:14
#3 Why Are Halo Fans Upset? Splitscreen CANCELED – 5:10
#4 The Significance of Splitscreen – 13:07
#5 343i Doesn’t Listen – Where are the Maps? – 19:10
#6 The New Content Planned For Infinite – 23:29
#7 Conclusion – 26:27


  1. Ironic that Bonnie Ross would step down after I had this video set to publish while I’m on vacation. Still, not sure what to think.

    Do I boycott/stop playing a game because promises were made that weren’t kept? What if those promises were made by people no longer with the company? Not sure how to feel about it tbh.

    But I’m still tired of talking about this game. We’ll see what the future holds. I hope Forge is fun

    • I wonder if fake ass Markiplier was supposed to calm us down or invoke feelings of trust?

    • (John 3:16)
      For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life ❤️. Please believe and live. I know it sounds like nonsense now, but it’s worth it in the long run.

    • I think they couldn’t care less if you stop playing. Stop being so untitled

    • Note: this is not an official statement. The message below reflects my own opinions and what I’ve seen personally.

      @Act Man, even on the inside at Microsoft people are scratching their heads as to what the hell is going on at 343 Industries. We don’t want to lambast our coworkers, but we want to hold them accountable.

      In my personal and professional opinion, the situation with Infinite is beyond disgraceful. Promises upon promises to the community, unfulfilled. Hell, even the Anti-Cheat sucks in Infinite. Like, why aren’t they using Easy Anti-Cheat like MCC instead of spending time on implementing an in-house solution??

      It’s just sad

  2. Why does halo infinite, a game touted as a free to play live service, have less post launch support than halo 5? Why does a game that took 6 years to make have so few features? I think most of the frustration comes from the fact that 343 can’t ever seem to get anything done in a reasonable amount of time. My first guess in issues like these is always engine issues, but supposedly this engine was going to allow for quicker updates than ever before idfk what to think

  3. Bungie to Sony belike look at how they massacred my boy

  4. “split co-op won’t be a thing”
    skill up reported that its actually currently in the game and playable. someone found it in the files and was able to mod the game to play it, and it was totally fine lol

  5. Everything i wanted to say has been said by the act man. IM satisfied

  6. Well, Halo and Paper Mario were my top two game series. Screw me I guess.

  7. This game was so bad and the expectations were so high that I actually went back to battlefield 5.

  8. This is the type of refreshing 😌 🧂salt I need in my life. Subbed. #fire343

  9. 27:07 “at a loss for words at this point”……. What? After 30 minutes of non stop words?? Apart from the semi tired South Park / POTC cringe cuts

  10. Deep rock galactic

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