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music video credits
director / producer Patrick Tohill
director of photography Diego Cacho
photographer Colin Noel
1st assistant camera Athena Kulb
gaffer Braden Payne
key grip Jake Moore
bbg Hudson curry
art director Sophia Lauer
hair / makeup artist Stacy Lockhart
production supervisor Katie Babbage
production assistant Jordan Henderson
production assistant Ryan Russell
special thanks Matt Hogan

friend 1 Jake Williams
friend 2 Coleton Moon
friend 3 Timothy Krentz
secretary Skylan Kimbrell
makeup artist Lindsay Hope
kevin jonas Conner Larsen

song produced by Fantom

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  1. #2 on trending just under bts! Insane!

  2. Flies N' Cobwebs

    I love your hair

  3. slo-no-joe-bro

  4. Mari__JUKI 🎀💎

    in 3rd grade after camp rock came out, i had a friend who i was talking to about lindsay lohan. we talked about how we knew she did bad things, but didn’t know what she did. she said her dad told her he’d tell her when she’s older, and i vividly remember her saying “but it’s probably like shane in camp rock, storming off set and stuff.” in our 8y/o brains that was truly the worst a famous person could do.

  5. I’m stoked you finally made a new song, they’re always bangers!

    Maybe Kevin will reach back out after hearing it!

  6. M i Α vℓσg gσ тσ му ¢haηηєℓ!

    to be fair, my brother is a percussionist and he is exactly like how they portray the drummer in this movie. he’s constantly tapping and banging on things, with sticks or without them

  7. Rocks

  8. Andrevus Whitetail

    Idunno if it’s just my upbringing or something but when i was 14…aside from High School Musical, i absolutely abhorred EVERY single live-action new popstar wannabe the Disney Channel shat out on a conveyor belt. Every single time i saw one of these movies or even series be it Wizards, Hannah Montana, Jonas Bros. Zack and Cody, i just changed the channel because “i didn’t want to watch other people in bad sitcoms, i wanted cartoons”

    …never knew why i have HMS a pass though, i still can’t figure it out.

  9. in a different universe danny is part of drain gang


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