I’m An American Girl Doll?!

I can not believe they made me into a doll!

Visit Their Site:
– https://www.americangirl.com/shop/ag/character-matters
– https://www.americangirl.com/create-your-own/

They are super fun and #Simple to make.

What other video clips do you want to look at?


  1. Hi everyone! I cant believe they sent me a custom American Girl doll that looks just like me! What are you doing this weekend? ??

  2. dropping rednecks

    These kind of videos tend to give me trouble sleeping at night. Thanks trending

  3. This is so wholesome. I love this channel.

  4. Shafiq Sons Jeweller

    Rosanna & His fans are great.
    1 like for Rosanna Pansino
    come and like my comment.guys
    You are such a great fans ??????

  5. Ur sexy


    I live this show wow ???? mga Ka HIPON ??

  7. Make Democrats Cry Again 2020! ?

  8. So these biscuits are basically jammy dodgers? These are the worst for tea lol

    And if we’re going to be really English here, it’s a jam biscuit not jelly 😉

  9. Why is in heaven is this in my feed?

  10. I don’t bake I am 9 and I still like your videos and I subscribed ❤️ u

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