IKEA in a Nutshell

Thanks to Established Titles for supporting the video clip!

All people’s favorite widely known Swedish furnishings store! From decorated showrooms, to their iconic meatballs, and every piece of furnishings in-between, we take a look at IKEA in a nutshell.


  1. Can just appreciate how much the work he put into these videos

  2. Lucas Maximilian BermudeZ

    i live in the phillipines and DAM IKEA IS BEEG

  3. IKEA? More like I can’t assemble this furniture- KEA

  4. Imagine playing paintball or airsoft in Ikea.

  5. dont join these games to harass people
    his fan base: im gonna pretend i didnt hear that

  6. Personally I like the IKEA rat

  7. Do World Cup next

  8. Just so you know Cory, Heimdall called Thor “sick” because he read Thor’s intent of shoving the arrow places that can’t be told ^_^

  9. There’s no way IKEA could fit in a nutshell. Have you seen how much stuff they have in there?

  10. Sindri isn’t wearing his gloves anymore. He is speaking with more profanities. He’s letting himself get dirtied and untidy.
    Seeing all of that made the scene at the temple so much more painful, just how hurt he is that he can’t even be bothered to care about one of the things he never slacked in

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