If Politicians Won’t Take Action, These High Schoolers Will

There is only a single group Stephen believes can really defend the children. And it is. . . the kids.

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  1. Getting rid of guns will do nothing but increase the rate of mass shootings because their will be no one to stop someone who has a gun. If you really want to stop mass shootings put someone who IS TRAINED with a gun in every school across America. Every school needs an armed security guard

  2. I guess its ok for our goverment to kill thousands of women and children over seas but let a hand full of kids in America die from other kids in America and thats should call for gun control? Didnt care about chicago and other black communities and their gun problems but let some white kids die and now you want to take guns away? These guy are playing on the heart strings of the kids to push there agenda. TAKE ARE GUNS AWAY FOR GOOD.

  3. (1) Impeach Donald Trump.
    (2) Throw bribe takers in jail.
    (3) Hang NRA officials.
    (4) Take away the voting rights of gun owners if they are not willing to give up their dangerous toys.
    (5) Crack down on weapons black markets.


    Just get rid of that foolishly supported Second Amendment. The single source of America’s biggest misery.

    Problem solved.

    • How about firing Superintendent Runcie, Principal Thompson and voting out Sheriff Israel and the school board for their numerous failures in this?

  4. Marco Rubio is pretty much broadcasting what the NRA is paying for.

  5. When did every late night show become so political ?

  6. Reality is that since people are allowed to carry guns. It is safer in U.S..while it is sad that people die as a result of this. More violence occurs every time we put a stricter law about guns.

  7. We need to teach all humans(kids, cops, parents, teachers ect.) how to express their thoughts and emotions in healthy ways so they don’t express them with a gun(or other violent ways such as police brutality,child abuse,suicide ect) This is how you reduce not only gun violence but ALL violence.

  8. Colbert and his mindless, zombie audience remembers…clapping at baby brats, with underdeveloped brains, dictating to us, how we should run the country.

  9. Fuck Stephen Colbert.

  10. This is the real shithole

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