If I Say a Mario Character, I Reset the Speedrun

Today I attempted to reach the finish of the Festival in Super Mario Odyssey but if I say the name of any Mario Character, NPC, or Capture in the game I have to begin over the speedrun. This challenge was encouraged by @DougDoug and I had quite a lot of fun trying it out! Enjoy the video clip!

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  1. Fir: breaths
    Ai: you said picture match part ( Goomba )

  2. Can’t believe I started here at 45k subs and you’ve rightfully gained over 130k subs

  3. this was so much more entertaining than i thought it would be. Couldn’t stop laughing.

  4. Someone make an edit of only fir saying “tree” 😂

  5. Mike & Lisa Vinacco

    If I was in the livestream I would’ve said what is ur favorite kingdom

  6. Hey man, just wanted to say I recently stumbled upon your channel. Watched a few videos of yours and I gotta say I enjoy them amd your chat cracks me up.

  7. Saying a character makes you reset, but you don’t listen to the voice recognition software

  8. marta stachowska

    What is the thing for capshering

  9. marta stachowska

    What’s up on your head for playing ▶️

  10. Satanapat Wijitwan

    just stay silent

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