If GENIES were Mexican

If Genies were Mexican then things would be quite a lot different.

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  1. What would you wish for? 😅

  2. Genieeeeeeeeee

  3. Everyone grandma used those cookie tins for sewing

  4. mexican genie speaks the entire clip in english and undestands it ok. I was expecting it to be in i dont know spanish. more like a texmex genie. a chicano genie. and why when they depict a mexican its always the norteño type. you do know most mexicans are just normal people. stupid clip fools probably havent even been to mexico.

  5. I’m addicted to the crazy gorilla

  6. A million dollars 💵

  7. Sans_black- Skeleton


    Lankybox BOXY ON THAT BOX?!-

  8. I lost it at the you kids these days don’t know what it’s like to work hard. I hear it from my dad and relatives all the time. But it’s fundamentally flawed. It’s about working smarter, otherwise you end up with a broken body and little to show for it.

  9. I would wish that a to the y would come back

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