If Among Us Was a BFDI Challenge


  1. Tik Tok Dancing Stick Person

    It’s been a couple hours and now this has 100 K more views than when I left and watched it

  2. Trovary Productions Christmas 2020

    Among us in a nutshell was like that

  3. Tennis ball and x are realllllly sus

  4. Trovary Productions Christmas 2020

    1:25 4s crewmate

  5. Owen's gaming n crap

    me:they should make among us a BFB challenge
    also: *making that myself by pretending to be BFB characters in my backyard*

  6. Ruby -Rules Us Being You An A Gift

    Why the fuck is black hole >:(

  7. BfB Remote In a Nutshell

  8. Makky • 3 tahun lalu

    Among Us!
    The letter is “A” but why have legs?

  9. Eraser: Ships should not exist.
    Fireafy Shippers: …

  10. Michael ROBLOX version

    You made a challenge ABOUT A imposter ALREADY

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