Ice Cream Taste Test Tournament (Day 3)

Today, we are continuing our ice cream tournament, TAKE IT TO THE SCOOP, determining which vanilla based flavor will move on to the next circular! GMM #1717

Check out day 3 of the Mythical Crew’s tournament to find the finest ice cream topping!

Note that today’s content was filmed beforehand of the US outbreak of COVID-19. Please excuse any reference that is no longer accurate or seemingly disrespectful or unhealthy due to general effects of the COVID-19 pandemic.

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  1. The oreo cookies and cream ice cream is DELICIOUS

  2. Tillamook is good ice cream link dont know what links talking about

  3. chase, im too old to be calling someone a snack but i think you define it 😉 lol

  4. The Crew of Katie

    today is my friend’s birthday

  5. Cookies and cream, butter pecan, cookie dough, and dulce aren’t vanilla ice cream.

  6. The Real Dairy brand icecream is my favorite

  7. No one:

  8. chortlesinthecorner

    The last two times I purchased Breyer’s it had that refrozen flavor quality… It’s been almost a decade since I went down that road.

  9. Do a cereal test tournament!!

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