ICC concerns arrest warrant for Putin

The International Criminal Court has issued an arrest warrant for Russian President Vladimir Putin on suspicion of war crimes for instance illegal deportation of kids and illegal transfer of folks from the territory of Ukraine to Russia. CNN senior global correspondents Ivan Watson and David McKenzie report from Ukraine.
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  1. What about the guys who kills the innocent Iraq people, Afganistan people, Syria people.

  2. He’s in the hospital for abdominal strain from laughing so hard.

  3. Well what about the mongols who invaded half the world … ZZZzz generation doesn’t care, they only care about the NOW .. gee suprise suprise with the short attention spawn the youth have nowadays . and in the NOW , Russia looks bad very bad…

  4. Hahahaha, good god they just keep poking the bear

  5. Blair got scoth free already said so , I guess people don’t like to do research … so Putin want to join the Catholic Church LOL 😛

  6. Poking the bear , we have Kicked the Bear , beaten the Bear and the bear still doesn’t get it , do we really have to shoot the bear ? before they go back to their cave ?

  7. But but but….. Ukraine, US and russia haven’t even ratified the agreement nor agree to be ‘ruled/abide’ by ICC decision for a looooong time…..
    If these three don’t even want to agree/follow the ICC procedure/rulings to begin with, then on which behalf/side does ICC make its case let alone come out with its ruling?
    Every court must have the defendant and the plaintiff ….. The judge can’t make its own case then make its own ruling…..

  8. Imam taufik Taufik

    this is their way when they are tired of waiting for the apocalypse and want it faster

  9. It’s allowed to dream about irrealistic things because dreaming is part of human rights😂

  10. April 1 came early

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