“I would light you up, man!” Best of Aaron Rodgers Mic’d Up!

“I would light you up, man!” Best of Aaron Rodgers Mic’d Up!

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  2. Crazy how the packers literally went from 4 and 12 , don’t know if anyone ever can throw the ball the way those guys can/could

  3. Bj Raji not knowing Aaron was mic’d up lol. I miss Raji 🙁

  4. 7:53 what the fuc8 did I get myself into😂😂😂😂😂

  5. Beast mode and Rodgers played at cal my guess??

  6. 100K Subscribers With 1 FUNNY Video Challenge

    *I pray whoever likes this comment becomes a billionaire someday,*

  7. Snoop D go double g

    Packers fans blessed with this stud

  8. He’s a baddddd mannnnn!!!!!!

  9. YO A Aron

  10. Three scariest words for Aaron Rodgers to say when your defending “I got it”

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