I Worked at a Maid Café for a Day


  1. (_ _ ) . ∘ z z Z

    Now I wish we could see you train as a Maiko for a day or something, lol that would be INTENSE

  2. i just finished akiba maid war and this just showed up i just panic

  3. WHOMP WHOMP, you drank a *WHOMP WHOMP* 😁

    I had no idea she was on those I might have to look them up now 😅😏

  4. Huh. So that’s what Emily looks like

  5. Toast Gaming🦖🍞

    @Daidus, u seeing this!?!?

  6. 08:29 I feel like a otaku wait I am OTAKU🤣🤣made me crack
    She was really nerveous

  7. Random Guy Post Anime Updates

    Kaho and Connor: She’s my favorite camera girl/and good friend
    Emirichu and Kaho: We are cute right..
    Me: Thier cute
    Daidus: Then is my girl over there *cheering noise a

  8. You cannot say a drink is kiddo friendly and then say it is called “blohole blast”. Dude, your channel has a kids welcome sort of vibe, cute drawings, all that. And then you advertise this, it is so messed up. How has this become so normalized is beyond me. Bye this channel.

  9. 0:24 HOW DID I KNOW SHE WAS GONNA BE IN IT??? Do all North American immigrants to Japan get Kaho Shibuya’s friendship as part of the welcome wagon or something? I’m extremely jealous, if you couldn’t tell.

  10. You’ve really picked up Japanese so well!

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