I Wonder Traded 1,000 Pokemon (again)

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Thanks a lot to Pokemon for letting me come along to regionals, it was quite a bit of fun 🙂 hope to look at you people at worlds (this week!!)

why did I do this again

THANK U Kyepha for aiding me with the illustrations in this vid!
my shorts channel!!


  1. I would do anything for pebble the pachirisu

  2. Gerald Washington

    Holy shit

  3. I love the strange ball!

  4. “Who’s gonna be up in Japan at 6:00 in the morning doing wonder trades?” My uncle.😂

  5. Sujanmallik Sujanmallik

    Chúc anh luôn sức khỏe và hát cho chúng em nghe nhé

  6. Can I have a yt candy evie magnemite on sword pls

  7. The first time I wondertraded I got a 2 shiny legendarys

  8. On my pokemon y I have a mudkip named iggly…
    I think my 7 year old self liked igglepiggle hmm

  9. your wonder trade vid was the first one i watched of you now i watched many

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