I Will Start an Only Fans…

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  1. Bruh mark really got #1 trending by saying that he will go nude for charity as long as we listen to his podcasts 💀

  2. That has been #2 on trending for 16 hours. That’s been plenty of time for the podcasts to at least get 50k new listeners each with an equal amount of plays if not more. We may be held hostage now, but soon enough the only reason I will be on only fans is because of tasteful Markiplier

  3. jesus christ.

  4. Dk the mystery gamer😈

    He is literally 5 in trending

  5. what the absolute

  6. Condition 4: Dont tell Amy? XD

  7. I just want more quad collabs wit da boys. 😕

  8. ight bet

  9. GO! My Favorite Sports Team actually has a good premise because i hate sports cuz i don’t understand them

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