I went UNDERCOVER in SypherPK’s Tournament 3!

Fortnite but @SypherPK’s spectating as I’m undercover in his game!


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Nick Eh 30
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Halifax, Nova Scotia
B3K 5T9

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  1. 15:09 sus

  2. Can i have the spider man skin ? Srry for asking
    My user is rajuj92

  3. nick can you tell me how you got you mouse pad it is fire AF and keep up the work

  4. Combat is still in the game?

  5. Lol I love your content man keep up the good work man much love

  6. The combat smg is in the game?

  7. Wait what I thought the combat smg was gone 🤔

  8. Mera chaynal subscribe Kar do

  9. May ap ke tarha you 2 bar ban chahtahu

  10. how in the world are you using the combat smg ?????????

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