I went to 12 MORE Anime Cafes!

Thanks to NIKKE for supporting today’s video clip!!

00:00 Intro
00:47 Sponsor
01:59 – FMA
05:20 – FFXIV
07:28 – Ib
09:19 – Tokyo Mew Mew New
10:50 – Genshin Impact
13:06 – Berserk
14:53 – Miraculous Ladybug
16:25 – BT21
18:30 – SpyxFamily
20:47 – Banana Fish
23:54 – Fruits Basket
29:44 – OHSHC


  1. I’m probably gonna change the thumbnail when I get some rest because right now I don’t like how it looks so don’t be alarmed if you see it switch out in the next day or two!!
    Anyone else catch the winter flu? 😭

  2. RandomThoughtsBySophia

    collab cafes are awesome and i wanna go to some someday

  3. These are such fun videos bc we get to see all the cute merch and desserts but we don’t have to taste the nasty burgers. 😅

  4. I don’t know how they do it, there’s so much things you show that I genuinely don’t like, but it looks so pretty that I still want to eat!

  5. i just ate lunch and watched this video. i’m 2x full after finishing the vid😭love your videos emily <33

  6. Still waiting for a Yu-Gi-Oh! Cafe :-/

  7. she got the flu from the bacteria juice from the full metal alchemist cafe 😫🥲

  8. When I saw Fruits Basket AND OHSHC I nearly cried. Those are my comfort animes (T△T)

  9. a very fun video!!!!

  10. Commenting for the engagement

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