I Watched Ancient Apocalypse So You Don’t Have To (Part 1)

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Howdy friends! In his newest documentary series on Netflix, Hancock postulates the existence of a very old lost civilization that dominated the world at the finish of the last ice age. Throughout this series I will be taking a balanced look at this claim, weighing each piece of proof introduced, in an effort to determine whether there is sufficient evidence for it.

ADDENDUM: At 48:00 I mistakenly class the Zigurrat at Ur as a burial structure. In reality, the Ziggurat was a temple to the Goddess of the moon. In research I got this crossed with the Royal Cemetary at Ur. Thank you to all who caught this miscategorization.

00:00 Thesis
02:12 Who Is Graham Hancock?
03:57 Who Is Me?
06:10 How Do You Prove A Lost Civilization?
08:18 Syllabus Week
09:55 What Is The Younger Dryas Impact Hypothesis?
14:21 Lesson 1: Once There Was A Flood
16:58 Gunung Padang
19:58 Secret Chamber?!?!
22:45 24,000 Years Old?
24:35 Nan Madol
29:15 A Special Thank-You To Todays Sponsor
31:43 Lesson 2: Survivors In A Time Of Chaos
32:40 Interview with Dr. Geoff McCafferty
45:11 Graham Hancocks Pyramid Extravaganza
50:33 Texcotzingo
52:10 Xochicalco
53:15 What Have We Learned?
53:25 Credits And Thank-Yous


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    • Ground News is the only thing that I’ve ever got/downloaded after learning about it after a YouTube sponsor

    • Stephen Kiernan

      You’ve got a unique charisma, enthusiasm and drive to uncover the truth that make you an excellent educator. Right now you are the next generation of scientists and I hope you go on to guide and inspire those who follow you into the sciences. Teaching is as much art as skill and you have a natural talent.

    • Johann Filomi III

      Please brush your teeth; they’re a deeper shade of yellow than most sand.

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  2. im so sorry but the audio quality makes me wanna die

  3. My biggest problem with his beliefs is his views on archeology. He claims that all archeologists share the same dogmatic view of our past, and he cherry-picks a few instances where certain members of the archeology community were genuinely slandered or mistreated and uses those few examples as a way of proving that all archeologists are all just as arrogant and closeminded. That’s a mentality shared by racists and hate groups…”This black guy stole my TV, so therefore all black people can’t be trusted.” You can’t just label an entire community of people who have dedicated their lives to archeology as “dogmatic.”

    Anyone who labels the general consensus of the scientific community as “dogmatic” clearly doesn’t understand how the scientific method works. If the majority of the scientific community agrees on something, it’s because they all did the same experiments or examined the same data. They considered the facts, and all independently arrived at the same conclusion. It would be awesome if Joe Rogan found an actual archeologist to debate with Graham the next time Joe has him on. Graham has said several times that no one in the archeology community is willing to publicly challenge him in person, and something tells me that Graham is just saying that to make himself look more credible.

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    19:46;the ol machine gun cat kisses.

  5. That forshadow thing is hillarious

  6. Lawrence Noctor


  7. Yessssss I’m so excited for this one!

  8. Great content but you definitely need to fix your audio set up. Something about the mic quality and echo sounds really abrasive and hard to listen to

  9. Aaron Robert Cattell

    the fact that , they are everywhere no evidence anywhere? bet he still looking 🤣🤣😂😂

  10. Enlightening and entertaining

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