I waited 2.5 years for this folding monitor… – SPUD

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The SPUD Pop Up Display is a different take to foldable science that we are getting a bit used to recently, but is it worthwhile?

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  1. The Real Android Hacks

    Who says 2.5 years just say 2 and a half

  2. “important Links” more like porn book marks..

  3. I think the material they have for the spud screen was a detriment to its design. Projectors require precise materials in fabric in order to really get a vibrant image quality. It’s why if you get a projector you can’t just project on a white wall because it would look bad, but a projector screen would make it look good. It would be interesting if Linus took the projector from it and compared the image quality on a projector screen

  4. SPUD or DUD?

  5. You were being negative before even taking it out of the box. this is NOT an honest review – AT ALL. You simply made a video to bash on it, and from our perspective it literally did everything it was supposed to do. I can easily see it being used camping etc. The screen looked perfectly fine for a portable fold out screen. You’re doing nothing but being condescending and obtuse.

  6. Looks like something that camera people could use for basic monitoring outside

  7. Kemauri Blaylock

    4:42 I knew he would say 4 inch I’m too smart

  8. Samantha Romesburg

    Soo this is what a futuristic laptop looks like…..interesting

  9. Be good to throw your script up on when you’re reporting from conventions though

  10. What a crap! Especially if you think that a couple of month ago some few brands just released some foldeable phones.. that transformes it into a tablet.. this crap portable monitor or just foldeable phones are all on early stages but I still would prefer an 11″ tablet.. then this 24″ crap “projector”…
    Sorry for that.. but the product looks reeeeaally poor developed… as in one of the coments below.. this would have been great in 1995..

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