I used only GIANT Products for a Day | Krazyrayray

I used only GIANT Products for a Day (again) and they really work! I hope you take pleasure in lol!
Check out my last video clip!

Xoxo, Sarai♡
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About Krazyrayray:
Welcome to my channel! I am an average YouTuber with a touch of more FUN! I have been making video clips since 2009 and love doing fun challenges, sharing my routines, and making witty skits! Join me on my expedition!


  1. *Oh My! I wonder what’s gonna happen when you do that for a day!??*

  2. *This is….intellectual…*

  3. Nurin Hernandez


  4. Ugh I need to do my makeup: has full face of makeup and all of this is staged. It’s not even a real challenge, and she didn’t even do it right, most of the items were fake and it’s not even like it’s funny it’s just annoying.

  5. *Sponsored by big foot*

  6. Penelope Courtade

    If you shop at costco this is just life ya know ?

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  8. Cool I love dig thaings



  10. Sierra Brewster


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