I used nothing but iPhone for 30 days

After over 30 days on the Apple iPhone XS Max it is time to move back to Android.


  1. @Tommy rue If you switch from an iphone to an android u have to remember to log out from the iPhone. If not everyone who sent u a text through imessage won’t be able to text you. I also did about a month on an old iphone lol had to switch back to android ??????✌?

  2. I see you read the bible in your notifications ? good job

  3. Can make a video on samsung a70

  4. electrofreak nl

    Since that people called you Android fanboy, you are really trying too shake off that image.. but we all know that Iphone is just shit compaired too Android and You also know that, but you dont dare too say it. Instead you are gentle and try too give your respect towards people who love Apple so much. ?

  5. You should make an unboxing of that god forsaken $999 apple stand

  6. while doing the next video for the oneplus review pls zero in on the chin of the phone

  7. Damn it! Switching to an iPhone for a month! How dare you do your job!

  8. Rivi abhishek Perera

    Wait till Huawei makes an os

  9. Unbox k20 pro please

  10. Just a tools …

  11. This guy lives off of Apple hating, its a habit now.

  12. Just use what majority use in massaging. Being different for unnecessary shit just likes being like a damm ass person wanna be different because they think they were good but in reality they was shit

  13. The aliens stopped controlling his mind now hes back to Android WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO celebration WOOOOOOOOOO jk lol

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