I turned VIDEO GAMES into LEGO…

I take 15 popular video games and turn them into Lego…

Mario minifigs from Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/Yayafofco-Action-Cartoon-Building-Figures/dp/B0BQLG8L3Q/ref=sr_1_1?keywords=lego+mario+minifig&qid=1695042491&sr=8-1
Lego army minifigs from Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/stores/BattleBrick/page/453A2B1B-7F5D-40F1-A92E-E72C8CD8D13C?ref_=ast_bln

📱TIKTOK: tiktok.com/@td_the_creator

Frequently asked questions:
Where do I buy my Lego?
– Bricklink.com and Lego store pick a brick wall
Do I have instructions for my Lego builds?
– No
What software do I use to edit my videos?
– Final Cut Pro X
What gear do I use to film/record my videos?
– Canon EOS R8, RODE VideoMic Go


  1. 0:15 Mario
    1:29 Fortnite
    2:39 Roblox
    2:54 Portal
    3:27 Temple Run
    4:10 Subway Surfers
    4:35 Fruit Ninja
    4:55 Pokemon
    5:15 Among Us
    5:56 Angry Birds
    6:42 Wii Sports
    7:30 Call of Duty
    8:10 Minecraft
    8:44 GTA 5
    9:19 Lego games

  2. Tim and Stephanie Lyttle

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  3. Dude Bowser is a real simp

  4. And the imposter is most likely blue 🤓

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  6. Super smash Bros ultimate

  7. the school bus is rocket powered now

  8. Fortnite is the goat 🐐

  9. Minecraft will you meke one

  10. Bro!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Your soooo creative

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