I Turned My Cat Into Lego!

I Turned My Cat Into Lego! Using a few thousand Lego bricks, I constructed a life-size replication of my cat Ralph. I call him… Rolf! I in addition created Lego Mosaics of Ralph & Bella, and used it as an excuse to go to Legoland!

Contribute to the Pet Alliance of Greater Orlando here:


  1. Jayaseelan Sankaranarayanan

    I relate

  2. Richard Holmquist

    What about Coco the kitten

  3. I think he lost it during quarantine

  4. Follow up with life-sized Chris, please!

  5. Hey Chris. The LEGO software you use (LDD), is the same one I use. To place the bricks next to each other, you have to chznge the camera angles. Tou do yhis by useing right click on your mouse.

  6. I love what you did there! Epic work.

  7. Orlando area fan here. Thanks so much for sharing!

  8. My god i feel like the dead body of the cat is in that

  9. You are the most wholesome YouTuber I know. Keep up the amazing content!

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