I tried Pokemon’s Hardest Randomizer

All 1000 Loading Zones of Pokemon SoulSilver were randomized and I have to recollect everything myself. (It is a Map Randomizer)

Thanks to Adrienn for Emailing me this outta the blue: https://github.com/adrienntindall/hgss-map-randomizer/releases

Edited by: Treblot1320

#SmallAnt #Pokemon #MapRandomizer


  1. Sometimes i forget how god like your content is

  2. I was laughing before, but damn that trendy saying really killed me

  3. GhoulishCard1319

    i would’ve died

  4. For some reason, despite being subbed, and having notifications on, i never get your videos in my sub feed recently, so annoying but i always make sure to check out the channel to not miss uploads, youtube really needs to fix these issues :/

  5. Make nogla play this

  6. This is too extreme

  7. alternate title: Pain

  8. Pugs Eat Potatoes

    Bruh. I mean. Jesus.

  9. i miss zelda videos… hey can you play metroid?

  10. Random map, level, items, team, trainers, and Pokémon is next.

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