I Tried Japan’s IMPOSSIBLE Food Challenge Ft. Shibuya Kaho

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Shibuya Kaho!

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  1. Kaho seems a fun girl to hang out with😂

  2. Spencer Walther

    Oh. I thought he meant like an impossible burger kind of challenge

  3. TNT was a nice touch! Thanks Mudan😁

  4. Rishabh Tripathi

    Love from 🇮🇳🇩🇮🇦😝😝

  5. This is a bit random, but does anyone know how/why Kaho’s English is so good?

  6. for you its a challenge for me its an average day with my grandma.

  7. I’m about to go on a flight right now, thanks to genshin impact, I will need to refund the ticket and take out a second mortagage for that new 5 star.

  8. REMONA--C0me 0ver L!ve

    This came out exactly at the right moment. I just made some food and was preparing to start eating when I saw Conner uploaded lol

  9. Potassium Hydroxide

    5kg is like almost 10% of some people’s weight…

  10. Good content as usually but you’re talking and complaining so much it’s turning the video cringy Connor. It’s every bite and some whining, gets old after the first 10 times. Pls try to slow it down a bit.

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