I Tried Garbage Collection

The City of San Diego’s Environmental Services Department
Allan Company Recycling Center

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  2. Thank you for showing this, people seem to underestimate their jobs and how valuable they are

  3. rodrigo reyes hernandes

    Interesting to see that kind of work done

  4. A landfill isn’t the last place recyclables will end up, when newer technologies arrive or the price of raw plastic starts to soar, they’ll uncover the landfill and process it into usable product. I look at a landfill as a storage facility. If we look back to what went into a landfill 80 years ago or so, we’ll see that it was mostly metal, glass and industrial/hazardous waste products that wouldn’t have the same value as a modern landfill. Waste companies can easily screen out the plastics and other items from trash but it’s cheaper to just pile it up until later.

  5. next generation dirty jobs. gotta do a collab with mike rowe

  6. Daniela Larrondo

    Omg I end up crying after every episode of challenge accepted :’)))

  7. Google sponsor

  8. People underestimate the importance of this job. My dad has been a garbage man for years! People always respond in disgust as if it’s a bad job. In reality, though he is such a hard worker. Without these people, we would be contaminated all around us. The way society makes this job sound is so far from the truth. It’s hard work, to say the least, but so thankful for all he has done for my family and me!

  9. You doing a good job keep doing that

  10. The opening comment about batteries was interesting! Where I work (office job) I was escorting the young boys of my boss to watch the bin man and I noticed it had a sign on the back to keep batteries out of bins!

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