i tried freezing frigid showers

shrek time


  1. ryan did u know that if you rearrange the letters of your name it turns into yarn

  2. HI RYAN! I love your videos so much! IMO, cold showers aren’t that great. I like medium showers tho lol and hot showers r always nice😂

  3. You were not about to make Spock drink your fun drink right 😂

  4. cold showers only when your ac dosn’t work

  5. I honestly dont think I’m writing this right now if cold showers didn’t exist. I’d be dead😁

  6. Can we get a crazy one crossing the world with 1 penny in a year😎

  7. #lawnupdate loving these videos sooooooo much

  8. Hi rayan tell your lawn that I love it 😁

  9. I have been doing cold showers for like 2 months now lol, gotta be honest you start to love them lmao

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