I Tried Cake Art For A Day!

We learned to make cake art!

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  1. like for a slice of cake 🙂

  2. Christian Catenacci

    Where the coach Michelle like the food Baker Michelle is choosing Michelle because they have the same name also I made another comment I’m not trying to hate or anything I’m just trying to put it out there but like it’s I’m not hating anything Mike all you need to know is that like I’m not trying to hate I’m not hating because we don’t hey also I love your channel so like

  3. inosuke fan 😍🍙

    “It’s pretty white, creamy and actually kinda tasty” – Michelle
    Me “THATS what she said”

  4. inosuke fan 😍🍙

    Ngl, you should of brought in sideserf cake studio, she is famous on YouTube and does hyper realistic cakes

  5. ・your non favorite person 👍・

    I wish I could taste those cakes

  6. My mom makes cakes for money

  7. I am 9

  8. Enrique Abrenica


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