I Tried A Custom Lipstick Printer

PS – we will be closing the printer giveaway on February 26th!

HELLO FRIENDS!! So, a couple years ago I saw this custom lip liner printer in a video clip about the Consumer Electronics Show in Vegas, and ever since, I have been desperate to get my hand so it! And now, after three years, a few waiting lists, and a couple restocks, I have it. So today, we are going to be testing out the YSL Rouge Sur Mesure custom lip liner printer, which lets you choose custom lip liner colors to print, will suggest your lip liner colors based on your outfit, and will in addition let you snap pictures of things on the earth and then print matching color lipsticks to them. So we are going to take this thing for a spin! Which color did you like the most?

Also – Closed Captions will be up ASAP!

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Safiya Nygaard
Tyler Williams
Nez Covington
Hannah Bruce

GFX by Dayana Espinoza

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  1. HELLO FRIENDS!!! yes, this thang is **not cheap**, but unfortunately Loreal has targeted me as a consumer 100%, so I had to snag it. what do you guys think of this thing?? any special large pots in your life that you’d like to create a matching lipstick for?? xoxo, saf – P.S. closed captions will be up ASAP!

  2. literally this is the first time im hearing about this but it sounds so cool!

  3. I love using lipstick but i feel like i never get the right shade. I just got engaged so if i get it, i could use it for my wedding lip color.

  4. Brickfast at Safy’s

  5. I love how polite saf is to the cartridge-‘madam, sir, monsieur’ 😂

  6. For a person like me who loves to wear each and every shade of lipstick, it’s perfect for me.. but my pocket is screaming.. 😑😑😓😓

  7. hi saf i love your videos, i’ve been watching u for a long time! you’re not only funny and entertaining, but informative and that’s why your content is amazinggg

  8. I love that the future of makeup is an app. This is what Steve job wanted

  9. Rich people are the most creative🤣. I mean I get that it’s cool but is it really worth it tho. That said, I’m signing up for the giveaway

  10. I have been seeing it all over tiktok and now seeing you use it just makes it so much better

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