I Travelled 2b2t’s ENTIRE Southern Canal

Today on the oldest anarchy server in Minecraft we will notice how far the gigantic and historical Southern Canal really goes! Visit https://buyraycon.com/fitmc for up to 15% off!

Why vote for the Sniffer, Rascal, or Tuff Golem in the Minecraft Live Mob Vote when you could watch a hairless man in a boat?!

Additional Music:
Guild Wars, Banjo Tooie, SMRPG, Soul Caliber II, DKC


  1. Fit, there is a youtuber in indonesia who want to become the richest player, please meet him and kill him :v

  2. Godroster was a real mvp here. Huge respect

  3. 9:33 I built the hotel lmao (look at my channel for the old one at 8K), but now it’s lavacasted xd, but I can die happily now that Fit has shown it


  5. I finally ate my cookie 🍪

  6. in 6 years it will be to the world border

  7. This place is like a dystopian world.

  8. Sad that the video shows coordinates for some of the preserved stuff so grievers can have a fun time… But what a journey, i want my first time on 2b2t travelling this canal…

  9. this entire video felt like a story game

  10. pretty fun server I log in once or twice a year to check on my base in the middle of one of the endless oceans and its been intact for 5 years so far, although some asshole broke my pig spawner

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