I Travelled 120,000,000 Blocks in Minecraft Hardcore!

I travelled 120 million blocks in minecraft hardcore in only 1 second!

I Travelled from WORLD BORDER to the other WORLD BORDER two times!!! 🙂

I did this a while ago but this time I went even further:
I Travelled 30,000,000 Blocks in Minecraft Hardcore!


This Hardcore Minecraft series is motivated by Wadzee, Sandiction and aCookieGod. Instead of being Wadzee, Sandiction and aCookieGod, this series is resembling a Minecraft challenge video clip but it is Minecraft Hardcore! This is just like my 100 days videos but better!

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  1. Thanks for watching guys!! This video took agessss

  2. I love how he spent so much time getting horses but he had an elytra (no hate)

  3. 1.5

  4. Play witH cown peers

  5. Lachlan is a name like lockdownlife – Lackland 🙂

  6. * lachlan

  7. if he did this in beta, he will see the farlands, the stripelands, and the skygrid.

  8. How is this mechanic possible!?
    Whats the idea behind it
    Nether portals ?

  9. I walked 4000 blocks with my feet

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