I Traveled to a Hello Kitty Resort!


  1. Reminder that Hello Kitty is 5 apples tall and weighs 3 apples. 🍎

  2. Bro same

  3. I like the content Emirichu makes on stuff like this, she explains the things that happens in places like these, definitely a fan of these videos

  4. That looks like so much fun.

  5. Wow I would love to take my girlfriend there one of these days 🥰😍

  6. 🌸Nate Dawg's art 76!!🌸

    Lesssgoooo two uploads in a weeks from emirichu is a great week ✊️😆✨️

  7. Go to the Iga ninja village.

  8. She’s so lucky I so JeLlY

  9. Would love for you to take us to your favorite places in Japan 🗾

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