I Trapped an AI in Survival Minecraft

I Trapped an AI in Survival Minecraft

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Extra thanks to:
@Wifies and @5up


(Video clip edited by Vitjok)
(Replay shots provided by Loppezz)


  1. I bet you can’t trap sandiction

  2. With just 13 hours after he made the video we almost have 1/5th the likes he told us to get, meaning he will trap anything we want him to given a logical amount of time and the right ratio of people liking the video and simply clicking on the video in a span of about 2 weeks when he decides to make a new video…

    Now for the dumb video game part of my brain: TRAP DREAM TRAP DREAM TRAP DREAM TRAP DREAM TRAP DREAM TRAP DREAM

  3. Trap A Cursed entity like Herobrine,entity303,entity0,

  4. You should try to trap a real player, but no killing, and the player is allowed to grab whatever they want to try to prepare and stop the trap

  5. trap clown peirce

  6. funny thing is, unlike what boosfer says, he didnt sacrifice the nether. he can just build a new portal and not put a book in it. it isnt the same dimension and therefore will not trigger the hunter. (well, unless its coded differently than im thinking, because it could also be coded to where if a new dimension is entered it teleports there, meaning going to the nether or end will teleport the ai to a valid dimension)

  7. a name so people don't know my Identity

    It’s so easy to kill it that it is hard to get trapped

  8. Another Mob Need To Trap For The Next Video:Trap An Experienced AI(It Knows Everything In Minecraft)

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