I Transformed the Mushroom Island in Minecraft Hardcore!

Converting the mushroom island in Hardcore Minecraft
I spent 300 hours converting the mushroom island to a colossal cranium shape with a giant city on top! This task necessary building 30 automatic farms. Please check out the creators below who made some of these farms.

There were several farms I did not include here. That is because there were no video or channels to link, but huge thanks to them!


  1. THANK YOU A TON FOR WATCHING!!! I hope you enjoyed!

    Even though this video took 300 hours to record, this is only part 1 of 4. If you are interested in seeing the next 3 parts remember to turn notifications on!

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  3. . Rowe M..💯♦️♦️♦️♦️♦️

  4. This deserves millions of views.

  5. “I am gonna like and subscribe! just kidding i lied i’m actualy gonna click off”

    DISCLAIMER: this is no hate or anything related, wunba is a great youtuber who puts work into his video’s

  6. Fayboss Montanna


  7. Misha Cherentsov

    Nice video. Even though, when you said you would need thousands of shulker boxes I was a bit confused. Because the most you can fit in your
    inventory is 36. And if you need to bring more stuff, then you can just refill the 36 shulkerboxes

  8. Misha Cherentsov

    Why is the totem blinking?

  9. Memphis Phillips

    Yay another wunba video

  10. Just watching how much Deepslate is sometimes needed for such projects, I wish it’d be renewable

    I dunno, maybe like Lava and Water meeting on top of Obby or Bedrock or something

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