I Transformed a CHUNK in Minecraft Hardcore!

I Built Every Biome in one CHUNK in Hardcore minecraft!

In this 1.19 Minecraft hardcore episode I transform a chunk by digging an almost 48 x 48 chunk to bedrock (a bit littler than the 100 x 100 hole s folks do). Then building up the middle chunk with loads of different biomes, which includes the new 1.19 biomes!

This is episode 26 in my hardcore mineacrft 1.19 series.

#minecrafthardcore #hardcoreminecraft #minecraft


  1. Thanks for watching guys!
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  2. Liyan ghassan hamzah

    Also summer

  3. Remember me who asked for the shoutout and first in the other vid?😀

  4. Name the brownouts lotto Alex the axolot

  5. Cheese n crackers

    Name the axolotl Barry

  6. Andal Jegadeesan

    Name the axolotl SpongeBob

  7. You place a ametist like a song

  8. gram the name of axelotl pls

  9. 17:53 i have no clue if its intentional or not but that amethyst placing sounds just like “the only thing i know for real” its from the metal gear rising ost

  10. I love you.

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