I Trained Like “LeBron James” for a Week

I taught like Lebron James for 7 days. This was the very first time I played basketball in my life and I desired to look at how fast I’d improve after the routine of a fable in the sport.

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  2. My boy I’ve seen gay parades straighter than that jump shot… damn.

  3. White Chocolate baby!! Where the hell did you find a Jason Williams jersey??

  4. Lemeatrider

  5. Big whoop, now get a job.

  6. Lightning strike ⛈🌒

    Chef Ray is a CHAD😮😮😮

  7. Labron should train Eli tomac, he wouldn’t last a day.

  8. Little brain LeBron is a loser won’t cry baby Bubba Smolier who can’t even read the books that he pretends to look at period so this is what Democrats do when they’re not voting for crap bags like Joe Biden period LOL

  9. So glad Delirious, Terroriser and Vanoss plays with Velocity and Lui again. Nostalgia is kicking :-O

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