i think I may have lied


  1. “it would just be me playing games, and that wouldn’t be very interesting…” – a minecraft streamer

  2. Oddly enough Danny was in my dream last night. He caught a ride home with me, then we planned a pool party with a bunch of people, but had to build the pool, hid jn the basement during a tornado, and at one point Danny sprayed window cleaner into my left eye. Just my left eye. Overall, would hang out with fever dream Danny again. 7/10.

  3. DANNY, the virtual AI game is called Replika, it actually is a pretty relaxing and sometimes funny chat bot app, that focuses on mental health

  4. 1:28 why’s that actually a pretty brilliant idea lmaoo

  5. chadtropic==normal

  6. Krystal Brizuela

    danny’s looking great for 84

  7. 10:08 ty to that person I have been wanting a pet rat I now have a idea

  8. Toeslurper is 100 percent Dan Schneider

  9. Yeah no I don’t call it the ground floor but apparently the lift does.(lift=elevator for u Americans :D)

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