I Tested VIRAL Products Tik Tok Made Me Buy

Rebecca Zamolo tests viral Tik Tok merchandise that Tik Tok made me purchase.
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  1. Rebecca Zamolo Shorts

    Which product would you buy?

  2. BreeViv Munegatto

    Hi Rebecca zmolo

  3. Jaiden Bentley

    and fyi your hair has to be wet and u have to wait till it is dry before u can pull it out! lol!!!

  4. Meagan Harrison

    Hi I’m a big fan☺️

  5. Congratulations Rebecca this channel is close to 1 million subscribers, also this video rn is number 10 for treading on YouTube!

  6. The reason the try wasn’t working is because you were holding it wrong

  7. Shevelle Bakoydhduysgwi


  8. I can’t skate either

  9. Making Dreams Bees

    So why didnt you leave it on Tik Tok

  10. Subscribe People she almost at 1 Million!!

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