I tested them in Minecraft early and so should you…

We added the mob vote mobs to Minecraft early so that you could form the perfect vote for you. Check out the glare, the allay, and the copper golem on Origin Realms. ▶ play.originrealms.com | http://originrealms.com

Minecraft, but I added the mob vote mobs early. I coded Endermen differently in Minecraft. Or perhaps I coded Your Ideas in Minecraft.



    and check out Origin Realms! play.originrealms.com
    also maybe subscribe.. this was a lot of work 🙂

  2. Vote Copper Golem!

  3. everyone who likes redstone is going to freak out about copper golem

  4. Copper golem best

  5. The Glare is kinda cute
    And the cooper golem also rly cute but I prefer blue flying boi

  6. This idea comes from Captain Sparklez,He said: Imagine you’ve been mining underground with a haste 2 beacon and then you mined so much that your inventory can’t handle it anymore so you have to unload your inventory again and pick up the blocks that scattering around the massive mine,so here’s the catch instead of picking up those blocks and unload it again and again the Allay would make it easy for you just give the allay that one specific block that scattering around example cobblestone and theb put a hopper beside a noteblock then there you are an easy pet that can help you gather around while you doing your other projects

  7. Alexandreifaith1426


  8. Is That Minecraft 2022 Update?

  9. I’ve only copper golem

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