I Survived 5000 Days in Hardcore Minecraft – The Movie

After 13 months I have hit day 5000 in my Hardcore world that I stream daily of the week except for Mondays, right here on YT.
I’ve only slept on the planet for around 60 times, putting my playtime at over 69 irl days. It is been a grind but in addition a magical excursion.

This previous year we had a lockdown, Dream SMP, Origins SMP and Hermitcraft were all astonishing. Dream, TommyInnit and TechnoBlade became famous people. We all watched Minecraft Manhunt all the time while Luke TheNotable, Forge Labs and everybody survived 100 days in everything. It is all Minecraft but in my case it was one non-stop grind. One chance, one hardcore world and genuinely one magical expedition. Enjoy!

World download link will be provided after I die in this world, or “finish the world”. The very first one could happen any day, but let us hope it does not (at least for a long while). The second one will not happen in the next a couple years. Sit taut, I will make it worth the wait.


SEUS Renewed – https://www.sonicether.com/seus/​
Sildur Vibrant Extreme:https://sildurs-shaders.github.io/
Builders QOL

Sky Resource Packs:
Dramatic Skys – https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/texture-packs/dramatic-skys

00:01 A New Day Will Come – Bonnie Grace
00:27 Present Perfect – LUCHS
00:58 The Prophecy – Dream Cave
01:32 The Pieces are Moving – Dream Cave
02:38 The Echo of You – At The End Of Times, Nothing
04:45 Valiant – Dream Cave
06:49 Growing Succes – Dip Diet
07:40 Speed Fight Ozo – Hampus Naesilius
08:51 Raise The Funk – OTE
09:19 Deer Hunt – Bonnie Grace
11:00 Traces of Red – Max Anson
12:12 No River Wide Enough – Airae
13:24 Lightdrops – Peter Sandberg
14:04 Aquarial – Cobby Costa
14:36 Lightdrops – Peter Sandberg
14:59 Aquarial – Cobby Costa
15:35 Lightdrops – Peter Sandberg
15:53 Aquarial – Cobby Costa
16:43 Guts and Glory – Bonnie Grace
17:11 Kickin’ It Up – Charles Holme
18:09 There You’ll Be – Howard Harper-Barnes
18:58 Place Among The Stars – Edgar Hopp
19:25 Chemistry! – Flux Vortex (instrumental)
20:02 Phoenix Rising – Edgar Hopp
21:59 Destiny Rising – FormantX
23:52 Silly Things – Josef Falkensfold
23:58 A New Life – Difluent
25:17 Coda – Jakob Ahlbom
26:51 Limitless – AGST
27:41 Coda – Jakob Ahlbom


  1. At this rate he’s gonna remove every single block and have an entire 30 hour build replaced with it

  2. Donutmauled -_-

    Wow what an insanely cool world and u now gave me a lot of ideas of what to do with my world

  3. my videos are the best.

  4. i smell nederlands

  5. This deserves more attention, mate your content is amazing. Keep up the great work and I hope that one day hundreds of millions of people will start to see this masterpiece of series.

  6. professional minecraft player

    Touch some grass, please!

  7. Thes is so epik mans!!1!1 Im suscrubed lave u vidoes ok byby.

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