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Topics: Liver King, 24 hours with liverking, consuming and training with liverking, raw meat diet, i survived 50 hours with liver king, jesse james west

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  1. Primal Jesse… you got what you asked for. For 48 hours, you lived like Liver King; Sleep, Eat, Move, Shield, Connect, Cold, Sun,
    Fight and Bond… just like Liver King. Grateful to call you Tribe, Brother. Massive, massive thank you for introducing me into your ecosystem. Liver King is here to teach, preach, and model this Ancestral Message. But I need Alpha Organisms like yourself to get on top of your mountain and share this message… so people can learn that Ancestral Living is the simple and elegant solution to stop needless suffering and to live a life worth living. Goddam proud you stayed “Relentless” and came out a f*cking Barbarian. Keep raising the bar -LK Out!

  2. I missed the part where you’d insert the secret horsemeat juice on dem cheeks.

  3. All I was thinking about during this vid is how is live king this rich? Like are you selling drugs?

  4. El intro re basado xd

  5. love this!

  6. He seems wholesome, just a bit of act on other platforms but i never disliked anything from him really

  7. Bro there was a bunch of bananas in there…

  8. Who else noticed that Jesse left liver king hanging? 😂

  9. Topless while eating? No good moral.

  10. This is the perfect environment to match jesse’s energy

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