I Survived 50 Hours In Antarctica

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Thank you to ALE https://antarctic-logistics.com/

Stream the Original song “Antarctica or Bust” on December 26th!

Original score by Hans Zimmer, James Everingham & Adam Lukas

Score produced by: Russell Emanuel

Score executive producer: Steven Kofsky

– https://www.mrbeastjobs.com/


  1. After years of trying we finally did it!

  2. 🥶🥶🥶🥶🥶

  3. mrbeast is the boss of adventure

  4. Team Trees
    Team Seas
    Team Freeze

  5. That was most beautiful view ever… i am sad that chris couldnt enjoy it

  6. Mrbeast you are one of my favorite YouTuber

  7. Uu guyss r unique 🤣 going in Antarctica in winter🤣

  8. Merry Christmas

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