I Survived 4,900 Days in HARDCORE Minecraft

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In this Minecraft video clip I survive 4900 days in a Minecraft Hardcore world. Here are all the things I achieved, and all the escapades that I had.

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  1. Normal people: i should gather some
    Sb737: i’ll build a farm


  2. Tbh I don’t really like the lore

  3. some story i see

  4. How come the day counter switches from 4800 to 4900 halfway through the video? Hope its just an error

  5. this is his way of tellig he is done with the series

  6. I personally dont really like the lore in this world

  7. For the first 47 minutes the day counter was 100 days too much

  8. My prediction for the future of the series: this mysterious figure will kidnap Fred and take him to his evil lair where SB will save Fred and kills the figure or Fred dies and the figure gets away

  9. SB the easiest way to stop the warden is to get his attention somewhere else, u can use a piston which will kepp going on and off and sound it makes will keep the wardens attention.

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