I Survived 48 Hours on Tokyo’s HIDDEN Desert Island | Feat. @CDawgVA

Could YOU live on Tokyo’s biggest island? @CDawgVA & I jet off for Wacky Weekend in the Pacific.
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00:00 Why Explore Tokyo’s Biggest Island?
02:39 We Rented Japan’s Tiniest Car
05:54 Inside an English Teacher’s Island Apartment
13:23 What Working on a Japanese Island is Like
14:47 Riding ATV’s to Japan’s Largest Black Sand Desert
18:57 Japan’s WORST Smelling Dish
23:00 What Life is Like Living on Tokyo’s Biggest Island
25:24 Diving in to the Sea
28:21 Inside an Abandoned School with Huge Spiders
33:25 The Best Curry in Tokyo
37:33 Dancing at a Japanese Summer Festival!

Feat. @CDawgVA of @TrashTaste fame.


  1. NOTIFICATION SQUAD: What’d you reckon? Could you be placed on Oshima Island randomly and live there? I’ll admit, the spiders were something of a deal breaker.
    Another Wacky Weekend adventure from spiders and ATV’s, to volcanoes and Japanese festivals – had an absolute blast as always. Special thanks to Daniel for being such a legendary guide.
    And thanks to Insta360 for sponsoring the episode with the awesome Insta360 Go 3. Having used their cameras for the last 3 years on Journey Across Japan and Wacky Weekend, it was a ton of fun experimenting with what may be the ultimate travel vlogging camera. ⭐Grab yours over here at: https://store.insta360.com/product/go-3?insrc=INRF3T8&utm_source=youtube&utm_medium=KOL&utm_campaign=AbroadinJapan&utm_content=date20230917

    • I both love and hate Wacky Weekend. Love because I get to vicariously go on your adventures, and see cool new things I hadn’t before. Also your personalities and antics are stuff I look forward to. Hate because by comparison by weekends are so awfully mundane. Chores and sleep and catching up on shows. Sigh…

    • With that fast internet and cheap local restaurants I’m down being dropped at any island, dear cromulent Chris.

    • Did you forget about the plane ride over the volcano Chris, that plane was infinitely smaller 😂😂

    • Hi Chris, great video. I was thinking if you could make a video in Iwo Jima a very small island, it was very important in the Second World War. I think it could make a great video.

    • I could live there. Nice and quiet, and friendly people.

  2. One of your best videos in awhile, Chris! Really enjoyed this one.

  3. UnfinishedBasementMusician

    Dan out here living his best life

  4. That’s what I say about our swedish fermented fish “surströmming” aswell. Taste: 6 out of 10, Smell: 0

  5. Is Chris going bald?

  6. Really calling quad bikes buggy’s now?

  7. 34:29 Connor literally had an orgasm 😂😂

  8. I think this one was the best minus the spiders but still the best.

  9. OMG Talking about the rental car is giving me vintage Top Gear vibes. I love it so much!

  10. The photo of all those ships at 23:08 was insane to see!!! Super cool!!! The view at 24:20 is absolutely stunning~!! (And again at 26:20 those shots are absolutely beautiful). Senzu No Kiridoshi’s entrance looks straight out of a fantasy show, it’s lovely. “Are you Youtuber?” strikes again XD. This was a really fun video!!!

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