I Survived 100 Days of REAL LAWS in Minecraft

After the law is simple, but not Minecraft Hardcore. And not for 100 days.

This is a ludicrous hardcore 100 days video clip I’ve spent the last two months making on and off, so I hope you people like it 🙂




  1. Come on, did you think I could have it end any other way? 😉

  2. Blake Aligh De la cruz

    Brandy are u kidding me because there was an allay u could have free those allay

  3. “I hired a replacement family member” – Branzy

  4. Astrobacon • 7 years ago

    4:49 feel like old yt kinda just friends goofin off

  5. Rita 25 y.o - check my vidéó

    I love that Branzy includes the times he messed up, that honestly just makes it way funnier and more real, too xD

  6. Rip Techno

  7. Forrest Johnson

    Great video but i noticed that u did not get a boating license

  8. u broke the law :O u kiled the zombies aka u murdered them :O

  9. EeveeMaster547

    I gotta say, I’m *really* curious how the conversation with the wildlife department lady went. Like, did you have to explain it was for a video? I’m genuinely just really curious

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