I Survived 100 DAYS as a SPEEDRUNNER in HARDCORE Minecraft!

For the next 100 DAYS, I am going to be a SPEEDRUNNER in MINECRAFT! Can I beat the game as fast as feasible while BRONZO and PRINCESS HANA pursue me down? That’s right! It is a YOUTUBER MANHUNT! Watch as I use expert SPEEDRUNNING tactics to outsmart my foes and beat the game!


  1. NERD: HMM 1 Minecraft day =10 min sOoOo you needed 1000 min🤓 max: dude shut up

  2. Vhal Rhobbie Macayan

    What. About. 100. As. Boyfrend

  3. Shane Josh Playz

    Max…. Max ……. Max…. *sigh*

  4. Old Time Reviews 100M

    Imagine Dream watching this and reacting to this and be like, Dream: What! Dude that’s not even my voice!!?

  5. This Video is so FAKE

  6. Why you wont wear ah cheast plate

  7. I hate hanna

  8. PewDiePie will laugh at you maxcraft

  9. I was kinda of expecting a joke about him cheating

  10. Dreams vedios 1:07-00:58

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